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The Eurojust is a European Union body set up in 2002 with purpose to enhance and improve the cooperation between the competent judicial authorities of the EU Member States for investigation and bringing of criminal charges in cases related with the serious cross-border and organized crimes, for example, terrorism, trafficking in human beings, drug trafficking, fraud and money laundering.  

The Eurojust has powers to request the competent authorities of the Member States to investigate the specific criminal offences and institute the cases, to recognize that one Member State is in a better position for investigation or prosecution of a specific criminal offence than another, to coordinate the work of the competent authorities, to set up the joint investigation team, as well as to request an information needed for fulfilment of the Eurojust tasks.

The Eurojust is composed of 27 National Members, one for each EU Member State, who are permanently based in the Hague.

The National Member for Latvia with the Eurojust is Ms Dagmāra Skudra

For more information about the Eurojust please, visit the Eurojust website.